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Raphael Reitzig University has made me into a computer scientist with mostly theoretical viewpoints but an interest in practical problem solving. I enjoy teaching, programming and working (or procrastinating) with LaTeX, and I try to make the internet a better place for computer scientists.

In the past, I was a junior researcher at the University of Kaiserslautern. Now my pursuits in computer science are purely recreational. Instead I help pushing digitalization in health care by building software at Digithurst/Telepaxx.

After work, I engage in several nerdisms, e. g. reading, music as well as video and tabletop games. And some more programming. For a healthy balance, I usually cook my own meals, work out (body-weight strength training and running) and pursue a changing mix of ultimate frisbee and bouldering. I used to pursue ballroom dancing and team handball but have moved on since.

When you send me an email, please consider signing or even encrypting with PGP. You can find my key here. I sign as a matter of principle; if you receive an email that seems to be from me but has not been signed with this key, I am probably not the author.


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I deny any responsibility for comments by visitors and content on external sites I link to. You can not prevent others from producing sick things, right?

I am – for better or worse – responsible for these pages here, though. Please contact me if you feel that your personal rights or business plans are violated by the content I provide; I almost surely do not intend to do so. Thank you.

Any opinions I voice on these pages is solely my own.

About Me - Raphael Reitzig